Lesson #6: Adding Links to Books

You are able to include some external links. Here’s what you need to know…

NOTE: The information in this section is only necessary if you ever plan to publish the iOS version of your app.

Once you’ve added books to your app, you’ll naturally want to share links where readers can learn more about and purchase your books.

This can be done by adding text links and images (more information on images to come).

However, you will still need to comply with app store guidelines.

PWA and Android are much less strict in their guidelines, and shouldn’t give you any trouble.

However, Apple does have a single rule that may prevent you from including any links to Google Play Books.

Here’s what you need to know:

Q: Will the Apple store approve my app with external links included?
A: You can try to submit your app as is, but if your app contains links/icons for Google, you risk having your app rejected. Other links should be fine.

Q: If leave the Google link in, what’s the worst case scenario?
A: The app could be rejected.

Q: If the app is rejected, the Google link would just need to be removed?
A: Yes, you should remove the link. You may be able to add it back in once the app has been approved.

Q: Is there additional cost involved if my app is rejected?
A: No, just lost time.

Our recommendation is to keep your app as simple as possible.

Adding book links to Amazon will be sufficient for most users, but if you do sell on other platforms, we recommend directing users to your website, where they can find all other pertinent links.

Keep this information in mind as you’re building your app.