Quick Start Guide

Whether you’re learning to play an instrument, trying to lose weight, or build your mobile app, making progress that you can see matters!
To help you be successful with your mobile app, we’ve created a simple quick start guide. If you follow these steps, your odds of success will go up.
#1) Join the Facebook group (click here). This will give you access to our support, as well as to a community of other authors who are members as well. The goal is to help each other be successful with this!
#2) Request access to your app builder account as soon as you finish reading this guide (see the next module for details). Don’t start the tutorials until you have access to the app builder. This way, you’ll be able to follow along as you watch the tutorials.
#3) When you’re ready to publish, start with the PWA version. It’s the easiest version to publish, and it will give you the chance to live-test your app with family, friends, and your core readers.
#1) Don’t quit before you start. That’s just plain dumb. You already know that having your own mobile app is a good idea, otherwise you wouldn’t have wasted time signing up for this in the first place.
#2) Don’t get frustrated or overwhelmed. Really, it doesn’t help you at all, but we can! If you’re confused about something, have questions, or need someone to help you in any way, ask us for help. We want you to succeed with this! 🙂
#3) Don’t sign up, then do nothing. Believe it or not, this is a common problem. Apparently some people like to sign up for something that can help them in some way, pay money for said thing, then do nothing with it. We’re happy to keep taking your money each month, but we’d be much happier if you were actually benefiting from the app you signed up to have access to.
A mobile app is just a tool. Put in the time, work and effort required, and it might just help you find and connect with more readers. Don’t, and well, you know how that’s likely to work out for you.
Best of luck, and I wish you success!